Monday, January 25, 2010

Keep it physical

Meditation has to be a physical exercise; a mental exercise would make the mind busy, and therefore not thoughless, which is the goal of meditation.


  1. I enjoy the irony in the language that enlightened people use. Words like emptiness and mindlessness may have negative connotations to the uninformed. That's because too much emphasis is put on the meaning of the words, thus too much thinking incurs. This is beside the issue of meditation, the act of being, and the conscious stillness. Perhaps becoming physically aware is the first step to opening consciousness up beyond mental activity. Nice post Zac.

  2. Thank you, Jonathan. I wrote the primer in an attempt to get people to "get there" thru a method which is 90% physical, trusting that when they do, they will understand it all--something I know I cannot help them with thru language. The best to you in body & mind.